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A brainchild of renowned Administrator and director Mr. Neeraj Kr. Sharma, the Suneer Pest Control And Fumigation Services was setup for recognition in 2017. SPC&FS has been dedicated to providing exceptional service to It's clients. We have an enviable training wing that ensures scientific update for the in-house technicians amongst field Pest Control Operators. We have assisted thousand of our customers throughout Northern region of India and have helped them solve Pest related problems for their homes and businesses, that arise from time to time.

SPC&FS strongly believe in Personal service, and being available and quickly putting it to the act when a situation calls for action, listening to problems, anticipating needs, and devising solutions which are coherent with Integrated Pest Management (IPM). SPC&FS became one the first few companies in India to be certified to the new AQIS-AFAS Methyl Bromide standard. It's Branch in Agra region are registered and accredited with Directorate of PPQ&S, Govt. of India, as per the latest national and international standards (NSPM 11&12, ISPM 15) for methyl bromide fumigation and treatment of wooden packaging materials used in export Consignments. We have also been an active member of the Integrated Pest Solution Association (IPSA). IPSA is the apex body of the pest control professionals, operating under the close guidance of the Directorate of Plant Protection Quarantine & Storage (Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India). As a member of IPSA, we are academically and technically qualified professionals as required under the Insecticides Act of the Govt. of India. These governing bodies have very strict norms for membership. It is mandatory for every member to undergo training course in Pest control from one of the three recognized institutes of the Govt. of India. Thus by choosing a professional pest control company like ours, Client gets the best in terms of quality in regard to work done, as well the material used. More over being professionally qualified and trained, each job is backed with a service warranty. We are always around even after the Warranty period is over.